Our Four Fundamental Beliefs

All our writing and thinking is supported by four fundamental beliefs. We see these four beliefs as a starting place, an anchor, and a guidepost as we explore the world of faith and finances. These beliefs help shape (or re-shape) our assumptions when we feel lost, simplify our outlook when we feel overwhelmed, and provide a source of comfort and support when the challenge ahead looms large.

For everything we say – this is behind it.

1. We are created by God with a deep sense of purpose – to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves. We do not live in a vacuum but live in the larger context of our God. Consequently, our actions and motivations matter. (Matt 22:35-40) We choose to reflect God.

2. We have the power to make intentional choices. In order to fulfill our larger purpose, our decisions (large and small) should be deliberate. We have the power to learn new perspectives, to challenge ourselves to new growth, and to strengthen the small habits and gestures of our daily lives. (Col. 3:23; Micah 6:8; Isaiah 43: 18-19) We choose to live fully.

3. We have enough. Our purpose is not to long for what we do not have or seek wealth in place of success. We rest in assurances of God’s provision and we reject the excesses of consumption and materialism. (Luke 12:15; Psalms 81:10) We choose contentment and gratitude.

4.  We view money as a tool – and only a tool. We need to understand how to use money effectively and efficiently in order to intentionally pursue our values and goals. Understanding finances frees us from the burden of worry about money. But money (or lack of money) has absolutely no bearing on our purpose, character, or worth. (Matt. 6:24; Ecc. 7:12) We choose freedom.

-adapted from Mark Scandrette, Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most


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